Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday with Vera Wang

You thought I'd never post again, and then I do AND I put 'wang' in the title. See? I do care.

One of the few magazine I subscribe to is Harper's Bazaar, and even though their idea of affordable slingbacks are still, like, $500, I just can't stay away. In their February issue they feature Vera Wang's new house in Los Angeles, and it's exactly what you'd expect her surroundings to be like: high-end minimalist, all black and white and chrome. It's a gorgeous space, so I thought I'd share!

Her dining room would make me a little afraid to spill anything, which I would probably do while staring at the fabulous sputnik-esque chandelier:

I suppose if I were too intimidated to eat I'd end up at an ideal weight to pull off one of her sheath wedding gowns, so it wouldn't be a total loss.

The living room has just the essentials, but the fireplace and wooden wall add a bit of necessary coziness and take the chilly edge off:

Put on Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' and hope no one is looking in your rear window, and you've got the classiest movie night ever.

There is, mais oui, a screening room:

Gown and designer only occasionally included.

and, (duh), a gorgeous pool:

Apparently the view is what sold Wang on the house, which I can certainly not argue with! But more importantly, Vera Wang is in her SIXTIES, you guys. If I look that good when I'm 62 I'm never wearing pants (note: please make me wear pants when I'm 60. I'm counting on you all).

And, lastly, her closet:

all images via Harper's

For someone with mild OCD and a penchant for sticking with a mostly black and grey wardrobe, this is a dream come true. No wonder I love it! Plus, look at how full that closet is, and is this is her second home. I can't even imagine her closet at her permanent residence in New York!

So although Wang says, "Glam is not my middle name", I have to argue that her sleek home is pretty damn glamorous despite the stark minimalism. Plus you wouldn't clash with anything even if you were all neon'd out in satin:

At Neiman's

I, for one, always hate when I clash with the couch.

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