Monday, January 30, 2012

I miss the holidays.

Don't you? Let's take a little trip down memory lane, since once January's over I really need to stop pretending like it's still the holiday season. Plus, I love my mom's style, and you'll get a glimpse of it here. When we moved out of our big family house and into a smaller, more practical abode, my mom referred to the new place as her little dollhouse. I think she successfully achieved the look with rich colors and textures, and the house really does glam up for Christmas quite nicely.

 So can't we all just join my dad in watching the game:

and then go do a puzzle in the dining room until it's time to eat again?

Sigh. Look, the crystal's all out and waiting for us to fill it with eggnog!

You can play us a ditty while we revel:

And later we'll consume 2,000 calories at one sitting while the amber chandelier judges us:

Sound like a plan?

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