Tuesday, January 3, 2012

About a dress.

I have to say that my NYE was absolutely phenomenal; Joseph and I had a house party and a really great mix of friends came by and celebrated trading out 2011 for 2012 with us. We had the artsy Burning Man folks combined with the engineering crew mixed in with the young professionals, and of course the people that are all of the above. Besides getting giggly with your favorite people, I think we can all agree that one of the big perks to going out on New Year's is getting to dress up all snazzy-like. I was excited to show off a dress that is a few years old but (in my mind) timeless enough to wear pretty much forever. You can see if you agree.

Me with my best friend Sarah:

She's in a lovely ModCloth number.

And me with my other best friend (who also happens to be my boyfriend):

Awkward picture. I blame Sarah. Joseph's in Banana.

The dress is from one of Chloe Dao's 2006 collections. We fashion-loving Rice nerds were super excited when the Houston native (whose boutique, Lot 8, is right by campus) won Project Runway's 2nd season, and I was determined to have something made by her. My mom actually ended up buying this dress for herself but never wore it, so it was gifted to (slash stolen by) me! Mwahahaha. Just needed a little hem to further sexify it and a J.Crew necklace worn as a bracelet for an extra pop.

Now Heidi Klum and I can hang out and be twinsies!


I think she'd be cool with it if she still has the dress, don't you? I can be her half-Mexican mini me!

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