Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catching up...

Is what I am desperately trying to do on all fronts. Last night Joseph and I got some good cleaning in at home, interspersed of course with some wild bouts of Plants vs. Zombies.

Do you know what I was playing P v. Z on?

My new iPad!! Joseph had been asking me for MONTHS if he should get himself an iPad, and jealous ole me was kind of "meh" on the whole idea. I finally told him that yes, if my job paid me in non-Monopoly money I would definitely have one by now, and- voila!- turns out he had needed to hear ME say I wanted one all along. Yay birthdays!


Anyhow, I love it. Not least of all because you can do things like this on it:

I realize I can probably do these things on my MacBook, but it's just not the same.

I have all sorts of great decor post ideas but my scrambled brain is all...well, scrambled, so I'm very behind on more than just LCaL. I'm hoping to sit down tonight and flesh out some drafts for you beautiful people, but in the meantime I hope these gorgeous photos of Joseph and me keep me in your blog-reading hearts!

Joy and silly double-chin-inducing-photography-technology to all! 

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