Monday, August 29, 2011

A blog post

to tell you that there is no blog post today.

And that I have to go to Minnesota tomorrow for a lame-o work trip.

Le sad.

I will be back in action and hopefully better than ever next week.

Don't lose faith in me! I love you! And I really do have quite a few GORGEOUS things to post about when I'm back, so stay tuned!

Chirpy chirp chirp,


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Musica to your ears

Jamming to this in the villa:

But now must head to the spa for our couple's massage! When in Mexico, ¿no?

We fly back to Austin tomorrow, alas! But I do miss my bird and my rhino and my daily blogitude, so it's not oh-so-sad, just kinda-so-sad.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick check-in!

Hello my loves!

Joseph and I are with his family and safe, happy, and freckly in Mexico. We went for an amazing run this morning all around the resort, jumped in our villa's pool, and now we're just relaxing with Bloody Marys in hand and Harry Potter on the television.

Proof that Joseph and I are alive and well:


Friday, August 19, 2011

Until the 29th, my loves!

And I'm off! Well, tomorrow morning at least (thanks, Jane and Chris, for rides to and from the airport!). I plan on coming back sunburned, reeking of pina coladas, and all sorts of refreshed.

Here's where we are headed:

Now to wrap up as many loose ends as possible in the next 6 hours!


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Joseph and I leave on Saturday for an 8 day vacation at a fancy-pants resort on the west coast of Mexico (don't worry, we won't be wandering around. Just pool and beach and spa time). I am SO excited! Of course it means that I'm extra busy at work trying to ready all of my projects to be handled by my coworkers while I'm gone, so it feels like I'll NEVER GET OUT OF HERE.

Ok, I'm back to the grind now. But I haven't forgotten about you, my beautiful, foxy, brilliant readers! I'm just a little swamped so I'm finding it hard to write long witty posts.

For now, Sebastian is back to give you a little dose of glitter.

He's no naked Kate Moss, but he does what he can.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Not my wedding you goofs. Kate Moss's! Kate and Jamie Hince tied the most fashionable, couture knot ever in July, and the oh-so-famous Mario Testino captured the wedding with obvious aplomb. As if we expected any less!

There were a couple of straight fashion shots, including this gloriously glamorous one of Kate and Jamie. Kate's in Rodarte, Jamie's in Lanvin.

And this recreation of the renown Mick & Bianca shot:

Talk about fine.

John Galliano states that making Kate's wedding dress was "creative rehab". Call him what you will based on recent events, but the dress is beautiful (besides the sheer skirt business again). Immaculately detailed with beaded plumes, diaphanous and excellent on her tiny frame.


When Kate's father thanked Galliano for the dress everyone stood and applauded, and the designer teared up.

Since it's Kate Moss, she obviously had costume changes throughout the night. I couldn't find a picture of her long beaded Stella McCartney or her sparkly Stella minidress, but I believe you can see a bit of the first one in this photo of her with her matrons of honor...

and can tell that it's awesome. Unless that's a different dress, in which is still awesome. Because: disco shiny! Plus: ducks!!

Seriously, though, I can't find ANY pictures of her two Stella McCartney's from the reception. Argh.

I love this pic of Kate and her dad and daughter in the Rolls on the way to the ceremony:

And I can't even tell you how cool I think it is that she had teepees set up for the children!

I mean, right? Teepees!!

And because I love all of you, here is Kate dressed for Austin weather:

You're quite welcome.

Yay love! Now I'm all starry-eyed and giddy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gold lust on a Tuesday

I pretty much only wear silver jewelry, but something about the heat has been making me feel feisty. Silver just doesn't convey feisty, though, so I've found myself seeking out more fabulous pieces in that scandalous mistress Madame D'Or.

Currently lusting over:

Fendi's gold t-straps 

What do you think? Spicy and fun? Or just gaudy? Keep in mind that gaudy is A-OK with this bird right here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Throw on some style

Perhaps number one on the list of things I adore that Joseph seriously does not get: throw pillows. The throw pillow is an imperative part of a well-decorated room, though! Need a pop of color? Toss on a throw pillow. Need a lumbar rest? Throw pillow. Simply bored with your current decor? THROW PILLOW(s). See where I'm going with this? I thought so.

I was able to turn a neat bamboo chair into a comfy spot using three different throw pillows.

You can't really tell, but the seat is a big grey velvet throw pillow, the back is a pale lime basketweave, and the front is a white linen with a block of silver and gold beading.

My beautiful friend Katy and her boyfriend fiancé (!) Will recently bought a new couch, and there was talk of the necessity of throw pillows. Being obsessed with such things, here I go presenting some lovely, pocket-friendly options.

This pintuck lady from Urban Outfitters comes in almost any color you'd like. Check it out!

In purty purple, here

And perfect in the dove grey:

Sigh. Such a beauty. In fact, I think it needs to be added to my bedroom right now.

On a different note is this lively yellow beaut from Target:

Ready? It's reversible!

All together now, Ooooo. Yellow and black and white were meant to live together in perpetuity, in my humble opinion. 

For a little more texture, a super tactile number like this quasi rose bush from Pier 1 would work just fine.

I'd love to see it on a black or chocolate couch, myself. It's a little granny chic, but would be quite spiffy in the right room.

Another easy way to bring a bit of glamour into any space is with this shiny cover from West Elm:

Although this Watercolor Dot Cover makes a compelling case for itself, as well:

So no matter what your significant other says, embrace the throw pillow! My personal strategy is start with just one, and then very discreetly add more as time goes on. Not that there aren't other more, ahem, exciting ways to convince your SO to just go with it :) So mix up patterns and colors, textures and shapes, and see how wonderfully your rooms transform!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank the lord for Friday.

What. a. week. My brain is officially fried. I won't even go into the work part of it, which was where the real shite went down, but some highlights from outside of the office include: on Tuesday I filled the apartment with smoke from not sufficiently draining oil from the pan in which I was cooking flank steak to top a salad, on Wednesday I ran four miles and only realized during my cool down that I'd had a dryer sheet stuck to my butt the whole time (thanks, security guys that were standing near my machine watching the soccer game with me, for not saying anything), and this morning on the way to work I accidentally ran over a toad. RIP, toad.

Don't worry. I recognize that these aren't really problems. South Sudan is working on development, London is still in a mild uproar, and the sleaziest man on the planet is officially trying to move from Texas to D.C. Plus, a toad has been robbed from this world.

What I'm trying to say is that I just want to walk into this kitchen:

Italian designer Paola Navone's Paris loft, here

Grab a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino, and then retire to this living room:

Where I will bask, read 4 books in a row, and then take an epic nap.

Have a happy happy weekend, everyone; let's all focus on our veritably endless positives and leave the silly negatives by the wayside, shall we?

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Ah, the return of Glitter Thursday; tis a moment to be treasured. Nothing says, "stop putting out fires at work for a few minutes and bask in beauty" quite like Valentino, does it?

Valentino Couture Fall 2011 is regal, ladylike, and pretty close to flawless.

This coat is to. die. for.

A little Asian, all class.

This ivory dress? 

Divine! With a little bit of funkytude, as the pattern on the top part is fully rib cage reminiscent. Nice contrast, Garavani; I can appreciate a little emo in my frocks.

I adore this next dress for the sheen, sleeves, and cut, but will echo my post on Elie Saab and ask that it please have a fully lined skirt.

Still gorgeous, though. I'm sure I have a slip I can dig up from somewhere if need be.

And this last dress pretty much speaks for itself:

Will Uma Thurmon please order that yesterday and wear it to her next five functions? It's a little carpet bag chic, mildly Native American, and all fabulous.

And now, back to the fires! Sparkle on, mis amores!

all images via

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More walls for Wednesday!

I know I claimed I might leave Wally Wallpaper for Stanley McStencil, but I can't help it: I have to post on some wallpapers that have me all hot and bothered.

Studio Printworks has the Sgt. Pepper Paisley, out of which I would also like a bikini, please and thank you. My favorites are the poppy pink and the funky blue:

Yay links!

One of our bathrooms growing up was wallpapered in a burgundy paisley, so I blame that room for my lifelong obsession.

They also offer the Pauline. I'd take miss Pauline out for a martini any day. Especially loving this sage:

Although it's emo counterpart is super striking, which certainly makes it more wonderful in my eyes:

Glory here

Katie Ridder really branches out with her wall dressings to create small, repeating works of art. A key example is her Pagoda design, which is just flat-out awesome.

And...wait for it...



I will admit that the birds kind of have crazy eyes, but I don't even care. Plus it'll be like my metal crane, Professor Montague, has a whole family portrait on the walls.

Here's the Professor, for reference. Sorry for the poor quality pic; it's all I have at the moment.

The Professor now wears a jaunty hot pink and orange Echo scarf. I think he would approve of the crane paper, although it would definitely be bird overload if they were all in the same room.

Which is your favorite? Are you a paint person or a printed wall person like meself?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stencil time!

I can tell you right now that when I own a residence I will be broke from spending too much money on wallpaper. I absolutely LOVE wallpaper. Damask, flocked, floral, fat name it, I probably will go into debt in order to have it. My brilliant sister knows of my love for wallpaper, and she happens to own a beautiful little abode in Durham that is in need of some wall spiffery. She discovered a phenomenal and economical alternative to wallpaper: wall stencils!

Royal Design Studio has quite a few excellent ones for great prices.

The Small Hollywood Square:

Found here.

I especially love it in those colors! So mod.

Then there's the super classy and versatile Elegancia Allover:

This one here.

I can see this one in everything from black and white to mint green and pewter. Would be equally stunning in a bedroom, bathroom, or even just as an accent wall in a kitchen.

The gorgeous Ornamental Cartouche also makes me all atwitter:

Right here.

The gold over the blue? So perfect!

The super traditional Vase and Pearls will class up any joint:


And my absolute favorite, not least of all because of the colors in the sample photo, is the Uzbek Suzani:

Here it is!

It's like pineapples and flowers and bulbs and glory.

So maybe I won't have to go into wallpaper debt after all! Which is a heck of a relief, because I've got my eye on about 97 sweaters for Fall right now.

A very special thank you to Dr. Dr. Ann Marie Navar for zee inspiration! If I buy 97 sweaters I'll send you a couple.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer sales!

I love late July and August. In the past it meant school supply shopping, which I still miss, and now it means filling the void I feel at not buying new binders with summer and pre-fall sales.


I've enjoyed the heck out of my one piece that I posted about months ago, despite the fact that Joseph refers to it as my Granny Suit. And considering the fact that summer BBQs and naps have had a noticeable effect on my mid-section, I'm fighting some major temptation to get another one. Especially because J.Crew's swim is 30% off right now and is shipping free!

Loving the paisley. First one:


Same shape as my green one, but that means I know I'd love it.



Feminine with a touch of exotic. Nice.

And quite charmed by this v-neck:


Apparently one pieces are like Pringles: you can't have just one! 

Or maybe I'll just go buy fancy pens on my lunch break and hit the gym after work. Ah, such difficult decisions I face!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Please welcome to the world...

the rhino you've heard so much about! In case you've forgotten, he is from Haiti and covered in French pages (or Creole. I didn't investigate enough to tell which).

Joseph and I (with some help from our friends Lauro and Mandy) have christened him Jacques Rhinó (so that it sounds kind of like Jacques Cousteau).

Here he is in all his Perissodactyllic glory:

That's right, bitches. I'm a rhino.

And I rule this apartment. See that bird? MINE. See that polka dotted table? ALSO MINE.

I'm obsessed. 

As Cousteau said, "If we were logical, the future would be bleak, indeed. But we are more than logical. We are human beings, and we have faith, and we have hope, and we can work."

And we can order Rhinos from Anthropologie! 

Have a phenomenal weekend, and if you pick up a copy of Ionesco's Rhinoceros (which I more than highly recommend. One of the best plays I've ever had the honor to star in), let me know what you think!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dresses to dine in!

So, to go back to the post about Wink from Tuesday, I think we should address something that comes up in my life almost every time I go out to what promises to be a big dinner: what to wear? You want to look smokin', but almost all of your sexy dresses are fitted, and you anticipate leaving dinner with a nice paunch that you'd rather not display to the whole world.

And so I've gone far and wide in search of lovely going out to dinner dresses! Let's jump right in, shall we?

I adore this muted grape frock from Banana Republic:


Surprise lace back!

I saw it in the store the other day and the material is really nice, too. Lightweight but still dressy. Alas, they did not have my size, so I can't report how it looks on, but you can have it tied nice and fitted at your waist pre-dinner and then loosen the belt very sneaky-like in the restroom before dessert.

Another flowy number is this super affordable v-neck from H&M:

in the ever practical but maybe slightly witchy black...

and a purty pale watermelon!

It's certainly not for hippy women like myself, but if you are narrow from the waist down I think the shape would drape really nicely and create some curves. Plus the lower than empire but higher than natural waist seam ensures a camouflaged belly.

A dressier option for a wedding or a night out in a fancier city than the lovely Austin is this navy number by Laundry, available at Nordstrom.

It's a little old for the 20's age group, but would be great on a slightly older ladyfriend. I'm not usually a fan of beading on clothing, but with simple jewelry and plain shoes I think this dress would work beautifully for a special event. Plus I'm really into navy lately; it's so classy!

This tie waist jersey dress by Velvet (at shopbop) is all sortsa practical:

Blousy but still chic, and Velvet clothing lasts through tons of washings (I have a couple of shirts from them from 2009 that are still in great condition). The dress could veer into dowdy really quickly if it's too long, though, so make sure you keep the hem nice and short (I mean, not too short, of course, unless you want to get really intimate with your dining chair) and pair it with 4-5" stilettos.

And on the uber-casual end of the spectrum is this funky little sailboat dress from Forever 21.

You can see the print better on the website. Super cute!

The print is on-trend and the style is a classic silhouette, making it practical for all kinds of different events, including, obviously, casual dinners out. I mean it has an empire waist AND a stretchy waistband! Pair it with flip-flops for Trudy's or nude platform pumps and lightweight cardigan for dinner at the Domain.

So there you have it! Empire waists and blouson styles make for dinner-friendly frocks if you enjoy food as much as this bird right here. I guess you could always go crazy and just eat a normal serving or wear Spanx, but who wants that? Ridiculous to even think about!