Monday, December 12, 2011


Hello hello mis amores! I'm pretending like it's not Monday by reliving my weekend, and what better way to do that than by writing a leetle review of Trio?

Joseph and I decided that more fun than gift giving for Christmas would be going out to a schmancy dinner and then seeing The Nutcracker, so on Saturday night we got all gussied up and headed over to the Four Seasons to try out their restaurant, the aforementioned Trio.

I was a little concerned that it would be too...wannabe-fancy-hotel-inside-a-restaurant, but while the decor was definitely that, the food was hands down stellar. And I took pictures for you! I forgot to document my martinis, but my Aviation and my dirty Ketel martini were both absolutely delish, and Joseph enjoyed his Cabernet. They started us off with a parmesan popover:

Since I'm attempting this dairy-free business I didn't try the top. The bottom half was fine, nothing special. Joseph liked the top half (which, I think it's safe to assume, was parmesan-y), and proceeded to eat both his and mine.

We continued on our quest for satiety with two appetizers, the tuna tartare and the pork 'n beans. They looked like this:

No, the tuna did not come partly eaten. That was our doing. Joseph felt like the avocado overpowered the tuna taste a little bit more than he would've preferred, but being an avocado lover I was in heaven. The fish was just cold enough, and the crispy strips they served to eat with it were amazing. Not sesame-y like they look; light and crunchy with just enough flavor to complement the tuna and avocado.

I should've gotten a better picture of the pork 'n beans, because it was the definite highlight of the evening. It was crispy pork belly, served over a bit of pureed cannellini beans, and came with a little jar of bread and butter pickled vegetables. Oh. My. God. It was seriously like pork candy. Perfectly fatty without being overtly so, and the sweet pickled veggies were divine with the crispy, salty, magical pork. I want you to try this now, because I can't even convey how phenomenal it was.

Alas, the pork had to end, so we moved on to main courses (who needs salad when there is steak to be eaten?). Joseph had the special, which was a smoked ribeye. Seriously! They do that!

Served with three dipping sauces: a red wine sauce, a chimichurri, and a béarnaise. The chimichurri was the standout (it was extra garlicky), but the red wine and the béarnaise were also delicious. Honestly, though, the ribeye didn't even need dipping sauces. It was as tender as a filet, and the smokey quality was unlike any other steak I've tried. When he ordered it our (amazing) waitress said "Yeah. Good choice." And that was beyond true.

I got the trio of tenderloin, which came with three tiny steaks, like so:

Joseph said I look like Snow White in this picture. I'll take it!
Stage left to right: Steak Oscar, which is steak with béarnaise, crab meat, and asparagus, middle is Foie Wellington, which is steak w/ a little foie gras and teeny puff pastry, and last is Steak Diane, which is steak pan fried in its own juices. I will admit, no matter how foodie-sacrilegious this may be, that I am not usually a big paté fan. This paté, however, was delicate and light and not greasy, and so the Foie Wellington took my place as the best of the trio. I didn't eat much of the Oscar because of the dairy component, but the couple of bites I had were rich and delectable. Admittedly, I'll eat almost anything if you put crab meat on it. The Diane was also heavenly; it had a bit of the red wine sauce on it that enhanced rather than masked the meat, which can be a difficult balance to achieve.

As the only side that looked necessary to me was all dairy (truffle mac 'n cheese. WANT), we forewent sides, but if you go and order some please let me know which they were and what you thought.

We ended with espresso (me), coffee (Joseph), and a chocolate soufflé (I know: dairy.):

The soufflé was good but not phenomenal, but the cream that was served with it was magic. It tasted like 
melted vanilla bean ice cream, but was warm and thick. We DOUSED the soufflé in it, my cow-free venture be momendairyly damned. 

One of the best parts of the night happened while we were finishing dessert. Our waitress was opening a bottle of champagne for the table next to us, and when the cork popped out Joseph said, fairly loudly, "Yahtzee!" She and I giggled.

Sadly, we had to leave soon after, so we hauled our newly chunky butts out of our seats and had the hostess snap our photo:

Silver nails with a gold top. How embarrassing.

You might think I'm tall here, but I'm actually in 5 inch heels AND standing on a stair, so you would, sadly, be incorrect.

So go to Trio! Eat, drink, and be very, very stuffed and merry!

Oh, and The Nutcracker was cool, too, per usual :)

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