Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sparkle..wait for it...TUESDAY!

Tonight is our holiday party at work, and while I'd rather curl up on the couch and watch Lord of the Rings, I will instead gussy it up (gussie it up?), throw a tie on Monsieur Yoseph, and go get my publishing holiday cheer on. I had a couple of queries about my gold sparkle top that I wore on Saturday, so I thought I'd feature some lust-worthy, holiday-appropriate, affordable garb today!

My gold top was courtesy of ye olde J.Crew. Looks like they are down to black and dark silver now, though:

Find it here!

I love the silver, but the gold was too fun to pass up! I wore mine with black opaque tights and a black miniskirt, but I plan on wearing it this weekend with jeans and black pumps.

This Modcloth dress is very similar, so of course I adore it. If it comes back in stock then I may just have my New Year's dress! I love the low back in contrast to the high neck.

My New Year's dress last year was from Aryn K., and she has this little beauty this year, for those of you who prefer to show a bit more skin:

Available at my old trusted online boutique, Piperlime

Again, loving the higher neck with low back. Aryn K.'s cocktail dresses are always affordable and high-quality, and most of them look very fashion-forward without trying to be identical knock-offs of designer pieces. I'd love that dress with some magenta tights.

For the sparkle lovers that aren't ready to commit to full sequins, I present another tank dress, courtesy of Asos:

The relaxed fit keeps it chic, and coupled with the beading it's so 20's reminiscent! It's spot on without trying too hard, and is definitely more versatile than allover sparkle.

So grab your red lipstick (Chanel makes the best if you hate reapplying*, but be forewarned it will still be on the morning after unless you use eye makeup remover on your lips) and the tallest pumps you can stand, and be sure to alternate your cocktails with water. Red eyes do not pair well with still-red-lips in the morning. Don't say I didn't warn you!

*I wear #38 in the Rouge Allure Velvet. If you're pale like me and don't look good in orangey-reds this one is perfect.

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