Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I can't help it, my little chirpalirps, I'm stuck on holiday mode. I. just. love. the holidays. Last night I had eggnog and cozied up on the couch reading and staring at our Christmas tree while Joseph played video games, and it was just lovely. Before the eggnog I kept telling myself that I was about to get up and go for a run, but it's like there was this little elf dancing around in my brain hypnotizing me into couch submission. I mean, is it really the holidays if you don't gain a pound or two (or five)? I thought not. Also, it was COLD outside! And freezing inside, due to not having central heat. Ah, well, details.

At any rate, enough Chatty Cathy-ing over here. Let's ogle some more beautiful wreaths! I got stuck on Martha Stewart and picked my favorites.

This jingle bell wreath is adorable AND shiny, so I love it:


The giant bow makes it that much more whimsical. It's like a bangle for your doorknob.

Martha also brought my attention to this great cushion moss wreath:

Not just for the holidays, either!

Considering my love for vibrant green that one shouldn't come as a surprise. Chic and nature-y; a winning combination.

Keeping up with the Marthspiration...an awesome and funky sweetgum fruit wreath:

Spiky and fun!

I'm also obsessed with this laurel wreath:

Gorgeous, right? Kind of Caesar-meets-December 25th. Damn, now that I said that it's all I can see, and now I could never put that wreath up. Ah well. Et tu, Santa?

Well now I have to end on a better note. Thus: chandelier!

Success! That's just beautiful! Plus there's a bird on it, so you know I'm sold.

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