Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's kind of a drab day here in dear ole Austin. I love the rain, but endless cloudiness with no actual storm presence makes me a little gloomy and in epic need of a nap. So if, like me, you could use a bit of a pick me up, hopefully this glimpse at some of Anna Sui's Spring 2012 Ready to Wear will do the trick!

In case you aren't familiar with dear miss Sui, she's known for her punk/hardcore girly/imaginative designs. She started designing and showing her work in the 80's & 90's, and the feel for those decades still resonates with most of her collections. Some of my favorite pieces that exemplify that are...

The Sui Hodgepodge of Avian-Inspired Awesome:

all images from NYMag

The Girly, with a Chance of DVF:

The Also Girly, Ante Upped with the Turban Addition:

The Lipstick Mosher on Casual Friday:

The Young Miss Havisham Hits Up the Kentucky Derby:

The Purple is Punky Power:

and my absolute favorite, The Baroness Boudoir Steps Out to Drink moonshine with Nabokov:

love the creepy hand reaching into the side of the frame. Gimme those ankle socks, missy!

Plus Sui has achieved my life-long goal: she inspired a Barbie doll!

What a babe.

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