Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(update!) Nothing granny about these apple-inspired designs...*

Today's inspiration courtesy of the beautiful green apple I am currently eating, and the fact that I needed a cheer-up-color day!

I adore apple green used in home decor. And I guess in all other things, too, as I now realize that at my desk right now is a lamp with an apple green shade, an apple green coffee mug, my cheap-o apple green cell phone that looks like it's from 1998, and a poster with a big apple green squid on it. And I have an apple green Kindle case pulled up on Amazon right now that I'm deciding on.


Take a look at some examples of how wonderful the color looks when used appropriately:

House Beautiful

What's a better place for the color than in a breakfast room? Such a lovely and cheery way to start your morning. I love how the green plays off of but is different than the wall colors in the background (that's the family room).

Leave it to Jonathan Adler to use an apple green couch perfectly:

Goes with purple: check. Goes with gold: check. Matches the natural greenery outside: double check.

More greenery (not super appley, but there are apples in the picture :) ), in the form of topiaries and faux boxwood:

Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper for Donny Deutsch, in AD
If that isn't a perfect terrace I'll eat my coffee mug. Or just drink its contents.

and because I love you all here's another Adler to ogle:

trés fun, per usual! I'm obsessed with that vase. The sheepskin couch and quilted ottoman I could do without, but I'm big on neither sheep nor quilts, so...yeah. I do appreciate that the ottoman looks like a Rubik's cube, though! Now that's all I see when I look at it, and I want to solve it.

In summation, benefits of apples (to me) include:
1) I am now full. Pectin win!
2) blog post inspiration!
3) I'm now all hyped up. Sugar win!
and 4) doesn't it cancel out the adult beverage I'm going to have later at happy hour?

I thought as much.

*I realize that is the stupidest attempt on a pun ever, and I hope you'll forgive me.

I also just found this gorgeous apple green bouquet featured on Style Me Pretty:

Now you have to forgive me for the terrible title "pun"!

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