Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do you know who loves Glitter Thursday?

Barbie. For shiz, you guys. She loves it! It's second to pink in her book.

And do you know who loves Barbie? This bird right here. Growing up I never had baby dolls, but from when I was probably a little too young for it I was collecting Barbies like there was no tomorrow. I had a dream house, a frightening number of tiny Barbie outfits, a pool, a car, etc. My parents must have gotten kick-backs from Mattel or something, which they hopefully used later to fund my assuredly Barbie-body-induced anorexia therapy sessions. But that's a whole 'nother post.

After posting about Anna Sui, I started looking around for other lust-worthy Barbie items (trust me, I know how lame that sounds), and I found some total gems! Check it:

Barbie heels by Christian Louboutin!


Since I can't afford a real pair yet (well, not while I enjoy having groceries), I'll just lust over adorably teensy ones.

There are also Barbies modeled after Juicy Couture founders Pam and Gela:

Wearing, I might add, way cuter dresses than their company sells. Just sayin'.

And my favorite, of course, the Barbie couch and accoutrements from Jonathan Adler:

Plus, in honor of Barbie (and the pink stripes on my navy shirt), I'm wearing light pink suede pumps today (thanks, Katelynn!). 

All together now: all hail Barbie!

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