Monday, November 7, 2011

Apartment, not TV Dinners.

Ah, what a lovely weekend! Joseph and I spent it in Durham with my seeeeeester and her husband, where we ate a ton of delicious food (eggs benedict po'boy, anyone?), walked around the gorgeous Duke gardens, and lazed around together just enjoying each others' veritable awesomeness (I'll brag if I want to!).

Unfortunately we had to return home to work and the fires that managed to crop up during the ONE DAY that I was out of the office, but it was nice to sleep in our own bed and hang out with Aerial, so not too shabby of a deal overall :)

As promised, a post with gorgeous design! Welcome to the home of Veronica Swanson Beard, a designer who also happens to be the daughter of frozen foods magnate W. Clarke Swanson, Jr. We've looked at a couple of photos of her Floridian Southampton residence, but her Manhattan apartment popped up in my recent Harper's Bazaar and I fell even more in love!

Join in the admiration. Let's start in her kitchen, shall we?

Not only does her gorgeous self make for an excellent accessory, but the perfect color teal on those cabinets? Nothing short of divine. Speaking of short, I'd definitely need a ladder to reach some of those cabinets, but it would certainly be worth it. The Moroccan hanging pendant is fabulous, too, which is probably why she used a similar one...

in her living room!

Plus I love that she used more of that teal! It's so funky but still approachable, and the leopard print accents echo the safari photos for a touch of the exotic. 

On to the upstairs sitting room...

High gloss walls, lime green silk, AND a fireplace?? I'm in heaven. It still hints at safari without kitsching it up, too.

And let's just keep snooping and find her bedroom, shall we?

It's so serene! The most successful bedrooms (in my humble opinion) are true retreats, and this one exemplifies that. It's still obviously high style, but it isn't museum-like or stuffy. I used to not be a big pink fan, but this dusty dark rose makes my heart go all aflutter.

And last but not least, the most envy-inducing part of the whole residence:

That's right. It's a rooftop garden, in the middle of Manhattan, topped with an Oscar de la Renta. 

Happy Monday! I hope you're as head over heels as I am for this place, and that your work fires are now merely embers!

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