Monday, October 3, 2011

Moving. and Moschino!

I'll keep you posted, but we found a GORGEOUS house in Hyde Park that I'm officially obsessed with, and it's looking like we should know fairly soon if we get it! To take my mind off of its beautiful wood floors, lots of windows, and perfect location, I'm focusing my energies on some Moschino love.

These slingbacks have autumn written all over them (not literally, you all. GOSH).

Right here for you.

Right? The patent and the bow make them super fun, while the oxford style keeps them office appropriate.

I'm also totally lusting after these pumps:

Chocolate with a touch of yellow? Yes, please! They're so feminine and sassy. Check out the front view:

See them for yourself!

But more than the heels, I just can't let go of this dress:


It's not overwhelmingly animal-printy (eloquent, this bird), and I adore the cut of the top part. The wide square print is flattering on us tiny-chesters, and the placement of the straps hides the dreaded armpit fat that can be an issue in strappy/strapless frocks.

I love fashion that doesn't take itself so seriously; there's only so much Banana Republic a girl can handle, after all. Although this umbrella would go great with my 14 v-neck black sweaters from Banana...


If only we Austinites had cause to use such a thing as an umbrella! 

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