Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trick or treat!

I. Love. Halloween. Everything about it! It's fall and the weather finally starts turning colder in Austin, dressing up is one of my favorite things to do, and there is always pumpkin ale at the parties.
Yes, I love Halloween. And I may or may not have a mermaid tail arriving in the mail sometime this week, which I am going to doctor up with some seashells and make amazing (hopefully). It's going to be fintastic! (waa waaaa)

Also, Joseph noted that since we will be in a house in Hyde Park by Halloween, we get to buy candy and play along with the trick-or-treaters! THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Growing up, trick or treating was an epic event (as I'm sure it was with all of you). My best friend's dad had a convertible, and we would all pile in it in our costumes and feel like the coolest Spice Girls/Poodle Skirt Girls/etc. around. Then I'd get home and mom would make me triple-check that none of my candy had needles or looked like it had been roofied or anything. Do people actually do that? Poison little kids' candy just for kicks? Yes, mother, I'm sure that all the upper class housewives in South Shores stash their heroin needles in bags of fun-size Kit Kats.

Anyhow. So I've been thinking about treat bags, and found a few that I had to share!

You know I can't resist the too-cute-for-words Owl Treat Bag from Pottery Barn:

Although the Girl Monster Treat Bag is adorable as well!

Keeping up the girly trend is this quilted strawberry bag found on Etsy:

It just makes me giggle! Too cute.

And Old Navy has a good ole jack-o-lantern for the more classically-minded.

I hate to be 25 and be all "back in my day we didn't have it this good!", but I swear I remember using a plastic H-E-B bag more often than not. Maybe I'll buy myself that owl and go trick-or-treating by my lonesome come October 31. Would that be cute-pathetic or just pathetic-pathetic?

Bring on the candy! Maybe I'll even eat a tiny Snickers without checking the wrapping first. Now THAT'S scary.

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