Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday: Time to Shine!

Even though it SO feels like Friday, I have resigned myself to the fact that it is, in fact, only Thursday. Le sigh. But that means I get to post about shiny things, and I am nothing if not a magpie (I'd also like to count the times on LCaL that I say "I am nothing if not a...").

Today on the daily Gilt Group email they featured a home decor company called Shine by S.H.O., which features really lovely pieces that range from vintage to modern and have a multi-cultural feel. They are not sparkly, but the brand name convinced me they had a place on a Thursday blog post. The designer, Susan Hornbeak Ortiz, has a Masters in Fine Arts* in Sculpture and Installation, and it shows in her work.

I instantly fell in love with the collection when I saw velvet and tufted, รก la this Yves Sofa:

It's comfy, it's cool, and it looks both fancy and a little dilapidated (a lot like some of the Hyde Park houses we ogled while looking for a lease).

The Manhattan Sofa has my name on it as well:

Especially in that color! I love the circle detailing that looks a little like giant buttons along the base. 

What do you say we take a closer gander at that chandelier?

In neutrals:


And in brilliant teal!

So pretty!

It's like a necklace for your ceiling. The color is jewel-tone enough to not yell at you, but would definitely add a pop of whoa to any room.

Staying on that color palette we have the Marbella Buffet:

They tell different stories but are both characterized by their super simple shapes and functionality.

And in closing, I present to you the Morocco Accent Table, complete with Thursday-appropriate shiny studs!

I'll have two please to use as night stands.

And one of everything else, while we're fake spending all the money!

*Joseph calls MFA programs mother f*'in ARTS programs. Love.