Tuesday, October 4, 2011


That's right. It's a reference to current events in the nation AND my life! Nothin' but gold here, you guys, nothin' but gold.

We get to rent the glorious house I made reference to yesterday! It's right in Hyde Park and is oh-so-lovely.  I just found out, and I am thrilled. I plan on channeling a little Betty Draper, like so:

Which means I need some new aprons! I may be going to OccupyAustin, but I'm still 99% committed to looking good, even in the kitchen. Here are a few I'm contemplating:

by Jessie Steele

Also Jessie Steele

Anthro, of course!

And my absolute favorite:

Anthro tambien.

Sure I appreciate being intelligent and independent (or thinking of myself as such), but I can't help loving the idea of wearing heels with one of these beauties while I cook dinner for Joseph and myself. With some jazz in the background, a martini in hand, and clothes underneath optional, I think I could be a heck of a great part-time housegirlfriend. I guess we'll find out soon enough!

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