Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I hope you aren't sick of hearing about the house...

but if so, too bad! mwahahaha. I'm going to be way worse when we buy a house next year. Just warning you.

Aaaaanyhow, today is the last post on the house for a few days, I promise. But I did say I'd show you the before photos, so here they are! These are from during / right after the movers were finishing up. Also, I took them on Joseph's phone camera, so I apologize that they aren't the best quality.

First of all, welcome to our house! Like so:

Not really a "before" shot. We will probably still have that mat in the "after" house.

Here is a view looking into the house from the front door. First room is living room, next is dining, then behind that is the kitchen.

Pretty Pergo

Into dining from living...

This has the beautiful original hardwoods. *swoon*.

Into kitchen from guest bedroom / room o' random schtuff:

It's a little bigger than it looks here. What I would give to remodel it!!

Guest room / room o' random schtuff:

Original hardwoods again. Yay!

Into the master from the bathroom (skipped photographing the bathroom; it was too small to get a good shot):

Back to Pergo.

And for fun, a shot from the dining into the living / front of the house:

There's also a washroom at the back of the house off of the guest bedroom with a helluva slanted floor. It's seriously kind of hilarious how banked it is. We could probably have a drunk laundry competition or something in it, though! I'll get to finalizing the basic rules.

Also, yesterday and today they came to put trees in our front and back yards! Yay trees!

Oh, and Aerial is happy, too. See?

Oh hai there!

It already looks much different (read: better) than these photos, but I still need at least a week to get it properly fluffed for human consumption. 

I'll let you know when she's ready to be unveiled; thanks for sticking by me while I'm all house-self-centered!

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