Friday, October 7, 2011

On libraries.

Finally, Friday! And it RAINED this morning, can you believe it? I stood on my balcony for about 10 minutes (I mean, uh...the traffic was terrible and that's why I was late to work) just watching the water fall. It was a beautiful way to start the day, and while it was energizing in an awesome-life-force kind of way, it also really made me want to keep my robe on all day and hibernate in a library for eight hours.

Thus: home libraries! This first one from David Kaihoi needs to 86 the television, but is both cozy and bright, which is sometimes hard to achieve:

Suggested pairing: Northanger Abbey

In the colder months you could throw a deep shag rug down for extra insulation (and floor napping).

This mahogany paneled library by Markham Roberts has traditional elements mixed with some eclectic touches to keep it in vogue.

Suggested pairing: A Dirty Job

The dark brown and amber hues make the teal lamp bases really stand out, and the mixing of the colors makes the room year-round appropriate. Not that I don't like a fall/winter library year-round, of course. Cozy is never NOT in style when it comes to home decor. See this Alessandra Branca design for proof:

Suggested pairing: The Woman in White

Oh. I want it.

I also wouldn't argue with this gem, also by Markham Roberts:

Suggested pairing: The Satanic Verses

I just think that libraries should be dark and cozy (or dark-ish and cozy, like #1), don't you? If I'm going to hibernate and get completely engrossed in a book I want just enough light to read by, squishy cushions, and mahogany.

I plan on having very few plans this weekend, which means hopefully reading at least 2 books, picking up some boxes at Home Depot to start the packing process, and drinking large vats of coffee.

Have a wonderful weekend! Here's to hibernation, literation, and napination!

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