Monday, October 31, 2011


Win #1- Docs have prescribed me something to hopefully help with my crazy migraines.

Win #2- Party on Friday at the amazing Woodward's place, where Joseph was a laid-off Chippendale's dancer in a tux made of trash bags and I was a tightrope walker.

But let's face it: the real winner is Heidi Klum, who pulled out all the stops (per usual) to bring us her most terrifying costume yet. We all remember her as the snake in the apple (Original Sin) in 2006:

the Hindu goddess Kali in 2008:

the Raven in 2009:

and the red robot creature/thing last year:

And this year she was a skinless human being. Yes, you read that right. Evidence:

She was actually draped in a white sheet and wheeled into the party on a stretcher:

From behind:

Photos from everywhere on the Internet, including my favorite: Go Fug Yourself

In. Sane. If I had multiple thousands of dollars to spend on a Halloween costume I assume I'd go all out, too, but this? Wow. I'm simultaneously impressed, terrified, and jealous.

So have a happy, happy Halloween, dearest readers! I'm so excited to have trick or treaters tonight! Go go gadget fun size Kit Kats!

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