Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A couple of my most trusted advisors (you know who you are) and I were discussing how the season change to Fall brings a certain sense of restlessness with it. An itch that has nothing to do with wool sweaters seems to set in, and all of a sudden you want to take a big trip or move to a different city or leave your job (or all of the above!). Do you all experience that, too? I like the feeling; it's like big, yet to be determined things are coming my way (hopefully good ones). I'm slightly less restless than I have been in the past because I DO have a big change on the horizon: moving! I dropped off our deposit and first rent check today and picked up our lease, and I cannot tell you how pumped I am to be moving out of an apartment and into a house. Not to mention a house that is in walking/biking distance of so much wonderful Austin goodness! Farewell, 360 bridge! I shall not miss your stupid superfluous stoplights on my commute!

My parents are also working on new beginnings. Their contractor has said they can almost certainly have the new place in Bastrop by next Thanksgiving! As I said I would keep you abreast (heehee. breast) of the Bastrop progress, I present to you:

pictures of the clean-up! And my parents' RV that is their temporary Bastrop "cabin" while construction takes place.

Rubble about to be cleared away.


Mama Pajama. We may lose some trees but luckily we get to keep her.

Photos courtesy of John Navar, M.D.

It's pretty bleak, and more of those trees will have to be taken down, but we're still really excited to see the new place start coming up.

So, any big changes on your horizons? I know my lovely long-time friend Genelle just got engaged, so congratulations to you, Gen!

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