Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sparkle Thursday, Gypsy style.

Dear Bastrop fire,


Because you burned up my Gypsy Chandelier!!

At Urban Outfitters

So. Not. Cool. The Gypsy Chandelier, you may recall, was the very first post on LadyChirpsALot, and I wanted you to stay tuned to hear where the chandelier would end up. I was hoping it would be above my bed or dining room table. Neither of which is IN A FIRE. That, my dear readers, is quite lame and not at all inspired. 

The one I originally posted, I now realize, was slightly different than the actual one that I had, but this one here is the real deal. She's perfect, isn't she? I think I need another one. What say you, my pretty, pretty masses? I still can't hang it quite yet, but what if it disappears and I lose my chance?

Please to advise.

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