Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Palate cleansing.

After an intensely colorful Monday and a severely lacking in blogitude Tuesday (don't worry, my seester chastised me for slacking yesterday), I'm feeling the need for a bit of a palate cleanser. As Fall approaches I get more and more excited about cozy spaces, sweaters, fireplaces, and carbohydrates. I would also love a romp on a bear skin rug, but a girl can't have everything, can she?

That being said, I do want to revel a bit more in light summery goodness, because I know I'll be missing it (maybe) once the temperatures drop. I stumbled upon The Brooklyn Home Company, which builds, designs, and occasionally furnishes custom homes in Brooklyn, and their meticulously clean and crisp interiors are perfect for a last peek into the previous season.

This tiny little apartment would be the perfect hibernation spot all year.

Absolutely loving the mostly white space that's been warmed up with beige, grey, and light blue. It'd be such a chic beach house den, too, don't you think? 

And behind that slatted section hides the little bedroom!

Brilliant and space-saving. Plus: throw pillow!

The kitchenette is kept wide open and airy to create an illusion of a much bigger space:

The bathroom is ├╝ber-pure:

And the deck is divine:

Listing here

Other rooms in various listings that especially speak to me are...

This bathroom in a different condo in the same building as the above:

Both living rooms in a larger residence:

The art above the fireplace? Done.

And this dining room, from the same home that has this dressing room.

There are so many fantastic furnished and unfurnished rooms on their website; go lust over them! In the meantime, Joseph and I will start looking for high-paying jobs in Boston and planning our foray into real estate investing. I'll keep you posted. I have high hopes for this plan.

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