Thursday, September 22, 2011

Need to Restore my sparkle...

Unfortunately I'm not feeling all that sparkly today, but I'm working on it! And I left you and high and dry yesterday with nary a chirrup nor tweet. My apologies. I love the onset of Fall, but I'm feeling like there is so much going on and can't sweater weather just be here already?

Anyhow, since I would very much like to plop down into a big bear of a chair, I bring to you: big fantastic chairs from the aforementioned Restoration Hardware!

First up, the completely badass Aviator Chair:

It was inspired by WWII fighter planes, and I want it. It also comes in black. Excuse me, antiqued ebony.

A similar look was achieved with the Copenhagen Spitfire Chair. Behold!

That's the coolest little egg of a desk chair I've ever laid eyes on. It makes my desk chair ashamed to be so mainstream.

And lastly, what I really want to plop down into at this exact moment:

Ogle more here.

That, mis amores, is a Grand Luxe Fur Bean Bag. The website says it is "comfortably oversized yet still portable"! 

I NEED IT. I have a feeling it would make me feel much more sparkly on a daily basis, don't you?