Monday, September 26, 2011

Manic Monday + Lacroix!

Happy Monday! Here, I got you this:

Also, do you know what's the best on a Monday? Colorful, gloriously funky furniture from the god of glamour, Christian Lacroix.

From Elle Decor: "The sixth-century wife of the Byzantine emperor Justinian became his inspiration for the collection--a chair even bears her name. The daughter of a bear trainer, she was renowned for her beauty and wit (as well as her expertise as a courtesan) and reportedly suppressed revolts, exposed political corruption, and expanded women's rights in her day. 'She was quite a controversial character,' says Lacroix. 'I'm surprised nobody's ever made a film about her life.'"

So Lacroix set out to design the set of her life for a more modern day audience. The pieces are fun and theatrical, and they are made exclusively for Sicis. Here's Lacroix working in his atelier in Paris:

loving the European Chivari chairs. And how content he looks!

And some fruits of his labor:

Julien l'Argentier sofa

Antonine chair
A room full of the collection:

And Lacroix with multiple pieces:

He readily admits that he prefers costumery and set design to "normal life", and it's more than evident in his collection. Love it or hate it, you can't deny its eccentricity.

Perhaps my favorite part of the collection is just Lacroix's attitude; in an interview he said "If someone had told me about my life when I was a child, I think I would have died of happiness."

What a babe. Or, as they say in Paris, quel gentleman!

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