Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little more for good measure :)

I had a dream last night that all of my new Target Missoni burned up in a fire. Pathetic, I know. It hasn't even shipped yet! Ugh; get outta my brain, fires!

Anyhow, on this lovely Wednesday I still have the brand on the brain, so I thought we'd look at some of my favorite real Missoni pieces that would have my debit card running for the charred hills were I to seriously consider purchasing any of them. 

Let's start with my absolute favorite. This Missoni dress makes my heart beat a little bit faster:


It's totally sexy without being slutty, and the print is (obviously) beautiful. Fun, flattering, and financially out of reach for this blogging bird. But I can still dream! The wide sleeves prevent the dreaded armpit fat look, while the banded waist brings the focus to a small part of your body. Yes, please.

Next to that beauty this sweater dress by M Missoni is downright affordable!

Also at BG

It's cute but not twee, and I love the brown/slightly plum color; it's not frequently seen in clothing. It echoes the 70s without looking totally vintage (ahem, Tucker); Missoni definitely knows how to combine retro with modern femininity to create really fresh pieces.

A more obviously Missoni look is this sweater dress:

Also M Missoni. Buy it here!

The muted colors keep the wavy chevron from yelling at you, and it's so chic with those opaque black tights!

Speaking of chic, my second favorite look has to be this super simple ensemble:

BG again

It's like the classiest schoolgirl ever. I'd be walking around the office in that twice a week if the pieces lived in my closet. It's cute, professional, and timeless, and would work on a variety of different body types.

For now, though, I'm perfectly content with my plebeian duds, and I'm just hoping that it gets cooler here soon so I can break out my sweaters and tights!

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  1. Cute! I would've never thought to look at the 'real' brand.
    I love the last look, simple but classic.

    Our thoughts are with you for rebuilding your new Bastrop home!