Thursday, September 15, 2011

Elie Ta-sparkle-i

Today's Sparkle Thursday brings us Elie Tahari's Spring 2012 Ready to Wear collection! Elie moved to New York from Israel in the 70s and began working as an electrician in the Garment District; a mere four years later he opened his first boutique on Madison Avenue. His collection has matured from 70s disco appropriate to classy and sophisticated, his boutique has moved to Soho, and most of the creative control of the brand has gone to his wife, Rory. I'd like to give her major kudos for this RTW line, as it is all sortsa wonderful.

Some of my favorite looks include:

This sexy gold sparkler, perfect for a New Year's Eve soiree on a rooftop:

This blousy shimmery top, shown here with a lovely skirt, but which I would pair with straight-leg black trousers:

This tangerine dress that's a little hippie and a lotta goddess:

And today I have two favorites! First up, a flowy black and gold cocktail dress that would translate effortlessly from runway to real life:

Wow. Adore.

And just the slightest bit higher on my love list, a gorgeous muted gold dress (or top and skirt?) that is breathtaking and perfectly proportioned:

I love that Elie and Rory really let the clothes speak for themselves. The minimal makeup and accessorizing is refreshing, and most of the collection is really lovely. See all of it at NYMag, and revel in the beautiful (but not sparkly, alas!) light blue that pervades it as well.

I'm out tomorrow to go out to Bastrop with my parents and then fly to El Paso for a family trip, but I'll see you foxy readers Monday! Keep on keepin' on, as they say!*

*I don't know who says that. It's kind of a ridiculous expression, now that I think about it.

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