Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bathing in the positives.

We've been informed that there is nothing left of our place (except some trees, I think. Which are much more important than replaceable stuff, in my family's opinion), and my parents and Joseph and I will be going out to the property on Saturday to survey and assess plans for the future. 

Let's think of some positives, shall we? My mom has been wanting a nice master bathroom out there for a while (it was their next planned addition), so now she can have one built with the new cabin! She tends to like classic lines and has a penchant for perfectly mixing beautiful antiques with sleek modern fixtures. I think a bathroom along these lines would suit her just fine:

At Southern Living 

The grey-sage textured walls are definitely right up her alley, and the dark plank floors certainly wouldn't "get her panties in a wad" (mom-ism). I love the giant window above the tub; leaving the curtains open would let the pine trees outside create a natural mural for a backdrop.

Along the same lines is this green number featured on (where else?) Elle Decor.

Replace the light tile with a slightly darker hue, and swap the crystal chandelier for a more cabin-friendly option such as this one from Restoration Hardware:


She could also take a cue from this sink setup by Dan Heldenbrand:

It combines her affinity for mahogany antiques with the sophisticated rustic look she achieved in the old cabin. Plus I think we have a chest identical to that one in Corpus, so it's economical, too! Find a tub that has the same finish as the sink basin and voila!, all tied together beautifully.

It'll be perfect no matter what direction she chooses; she has an envy-inducing knack for making rooms luxurious but non-fussy. And don't worry, you'll be the first to see the new house as it progresses. You've earned that much, at least, you amazing and supportive bunch, you.


  1. hahahaha, bathing. So sorry again for everything, but you have the right idea. This new cabin sounds like a really fun project. Miss you, see you soon?

  2. aw nat nat i'm so sorry about the house!! boo texas wildfires. but you will definitely have a better one soon. and maybe even insurance will pay for it?? that's looking at the positives ;)