Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Not my wedding you goofs. Kate Moss's! Kate and Jamie Hince tied the most fashionable, couture knot ever in July, and the oh-so-famous Mario Testino captured the wedding with obvious aplomb. As if we expected any less!

There were a couple of straight fashion shots, including this gloriously glamorous one of Kate and Jamie. Kate's in Rodarte, Jamie's in Lanvin.

And this recreation of the renown Mick & Bianca shot:

Talk about fine.

John Galliano states that making Kate's wedding dress was "creative rehab". Call him what you will based on recent events, but the dress is beautiful (besides the sheer skirt business again). Immaculately detailed with beaded plumes, diaphanous and excellent on her tiny frame.


When Kate's father thanked Galliano for the dress everyone stood and applauded, and the designer teared up.

Since it's Kate Moss, she obviously had costume changes throughout the night. I couldn't find a picture of her long beaded Stella McCartney or her sparkly Stella minidress, but I believe you can see a bit of the first one in this photo of her with her matrons of honor...

and can tell that it's awesome. Unless that's a different dress, in which is still awesome. Because: disco shiny! Plus: ducks!!

Seriously, though, I can't find ANY pictures of her two Stella McCartney's from the reception. Argh.

I love this pic of Kate and her dad and daughter in the Rolls on the way to the ceremony:

And I can't even tell you how cool I think it is that she had teepees set up for the children!

I mean, right? Teepees!!

And because I love all of you, here is Kate dressed for Austin weather:

You're quite welcome.

Yay love! Now I'm all starry-eyed and giddy.