Thursday, August 11, 2011


Ah, the return of Glitter Thursday; tis a moment to be treasured. Nothing says, "stop putting out fires at work for a few minutes and bask in beauty" quite like Valentino, does it?

Valentino Couture Fall 2011 is regal, ladylike, and pretty close to flawless.

This coat is to. die. for.

A little Asian, all class.

This ivory dress? 

Divine! With a little bit of funkytude, as the pattern on the top part is fully rib cage reminiscent. Nice contrast, Garavani; I can appreciate a little emo in my frocks.

I adore this next dress for the sheen, sleeves, and cut, but will echo my post on Elie Saab and ask that it please have a fully lined skirt.

Still gorgeous, though. I'm sure I have a slip I can dig up from somewhere if need be.

And this last dress pretty much speaks for itself:

Will Uma Thurmon please order that yesterday and wear it to her next five functions? It's a little carpet bag chic, mildly Native American, and all fabulous.

And now, back to the fires! Sparkle on, mis amores!

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