Monday, August 15, 2011

Throw on some style

Perhaps number one on the list of things I adore that Joseph seriously does not get: throw pillows. The throw pillow is an imperative part of a well-decorated room, though! Need a pop of color? Toss on a throw pillow. Need a lumbar rest? Throw pillow. Simply bored with your current decor? THROW PILLOW(s). See where I'm going with this? I thought so.

I was able to turn a neat bamboo chair into a comfy spot using three different throw pillows.

You can't really tell, but the seat is a big grey velvet throw pillow, the back is a pale lime basketweave, and the front is a white linen with a block of silver and gold beading.

My beautiful friend Katy and her boyfriend fiancĂ© (!) Will recently bought a new couch, and there was talk of the necessity of throw pillows. Being obsessed with such things, here I go presenting some lovely, pocket-friendly options.

This pintuck lady from Urban Outfitters comes in almost any color you'd like. Check it out!

In purty purple, here

And perfect in the dove grey:

Sigh. Such a beauty. In fact, I think it needs to be added to my bedroom right now.

On a different note is this lively yellow beaut from Target:

Ready? It's reversible!

All together now, Ooooo. Yellow and black and white were meant to live together in perpetuity, in my humble opinion. 

For a little more texture, a super tactile number like this quasi rose bush from Pier 1 would work just fine.

I'd love to see it on a black or chocolate couch, myself. It's a little granny chic, but would be quite spiffy in the right room.

Another easy way to bring a bit of glamour into any space is with this shiny cover from West Elm:

Although this Watercolor Dot Cover makes a compelling case for itself, as well:

So no matter what your significant other says, embrace the throw pillow! My personal strategy is start with just one, and then very discreetly add more as time goes on. Not that there aren't other more, ahem, exciting ways to convince your SO to just go with it :) So mix up patterns and colors, textures and shapes, and see how wonderfully your rooms transform!

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  1. I want all these pillows! I was just thinking recently about how I need to update my throw pillows on my couch. Thanks for the ideas!