Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer sales!

I love late July and August. In the past it meant school supply shopping, which I still miss, and now it means filling the void I feel at not buying new binders with summer and pre-fall sales.


I've enjoyed the heck out of my one piece that I posted about months ago, despite the fact that Joseph refers to it as my Granny Suit. And considering the fact that summer BBQs and naps have had a noticeable effect on my mid-section, I'm fighting some major temptation to get another one. Especially because J.Crew's swim is 30% off right now and is shipping free!

Loving the paisley. First one:


Same shape as my green one, but that means I know I'd love it.



Feminine with a touch of exotic. Nice.

And quite charmed by this v-neck:


Apparently one pieces are like Pringles: you can't have just one! 

Or maybe I'll just go buy fancy pens on my lunch break and hit the gym after work. Ah, such difficult decisions I face!

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