Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stencil time!

I can tell you right now that when I own a residence I will be broke from spending too much money on wallpaper. I absolutely LOVE wallpaper. Damask, flocked, floral, fat stripes...you name it, I probably will go into debt in order to have it. My brilliant sister knows of my love for wallpaper, and she happens to own a beautiful little abode in Durham that is in need of some wall spiffery. She discovered a phenomenal and economical alternative to wallpaper: wall stencils!

Royal Design Studio has quite a few excellent ones for great prices.

The Small Hollywood Square:

Found here.

I especially love it in those colors! So mod.

Then there's the super classy and versatile Elegancia Allover:

This one here.

I can see this one in everything from black and white to mint green and pewter. Would be equally stunning in a bedroom, bathroom, or even just as an accent wall in a kitchen.

The gorgeous Ornamental Cartouche also makes me all atwitter:

Right here.

The gold over the blue? So perfect!

The super traditional Vase and Pearls will class up any joint:


And my absolute favorite, not least of all because of the colors in the sample photo, is the Uzbek Suzani:

Here it is!

It's like pineapples and flowers and bulbs and glory.

So maybe I won't have to go into wallpaper debt after all! Which is a heck of a relief, because I've got my eye on about 97 sweaters for Fall right now.

A very special thank you to Dr. Dr. Ann Marie Navar for zee inspiration! If I buy 97 sweaters I'll send you a couple.

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