Tuesday, August 2, 2011

*Update* Some major tasty on this Tuesday

*The website I referenced from which to buy the wine is out of the wine. But they did call me and are now very nicely trying to find the wine for me in Texas. Wine wine wine wine.

Sorry in advance for such a text heavy post, but I couldn't help myself!

You all know by now how in love I am with wink restaurant. Joseph took me there for our 1 year anniversary, and it was insane. I'd been to the adjoining bar room for happy hour before, but this was my first experience in the actual restaurant. Driving up to the place is highly unimpressive; it's situated in a totally unremarkable little strip mall (behind the Whole Earth on Lamar), but on walking in you see that it's a perfectly pretty and quaint little joint.

Also, turns out there are almost NO pictures of it online.

The host that sat us (who was also potentially the owner) had a vaary nice twirly moustache. He was le charming.

 Before I could really peruse the menu Joseph goes "we're getting the 5 course tasting menu, by the way," and who was I to object? Our waiter was knowledgable without being pretentious, and there was an awesome moment when he presented one of the wines.

It happened like so:

Waiter dude: "And this is a fruity and non-tannic Eisthenschveitzl from Australia..." (I made up that name. I don't remember what it was)
Joseph: "Wow, that's a heck of a name for an Australian wine."
Waiter dude looks at the bottle, slightly confused. Pause. Then: "Ah. Um. Austrian wine."

Boyfriend win. We all kind of laughed about it and it broke whatever pretense of fancy-schmancy that might have been present.

There was sashimi (great), duck (awesome. perfectly fatty), steak (NOM), cheese (good but kind of unremarkable), dessert. But the absolute star was the scallop course.

This scallop, you guys. Oh my god. It was expertly seared. Not at all the rubbery thing I was expecting. It basically melted in my mouth, and was topped with an orange romesco goodness that I can't even describe. I could've eaten 10 of them.

The wine pairings were all great (except for one Chardonnay-type-white, but I'm not a Chardonnay person, so...yeah), but the standout was the 2008 Payout "Longshot". It was like liquid gold in a glass. I almost never like white wines, and this one was epically phenomenal. It's basically Viognier with a bit of Roussanne and Riesling added, so it's sweet but not overly so, like a full Riesling is, but it isn't Chardonnay-y, like a straight Viognier.

I found it here! For about half what I've seen it elsewhere. And I'm buying a bottle three bottles.

After all of that we had more dessert. It was the best dining experience I've ever had; we were there for about 3 hours and enjoyed it so much that I'm already trying to plan when we can go back.

At the end of the meal our waiter brought out our personalized menu (the menu changes slightly daily, so they print out nice paper menus. Ours said "happy 1st anniversary" and the date. The whole staff and chefs had signed it for us. So thoughtful! I took it and got it framed. Here is a bad photograph of it taken on a friend's iPhone.

Yay for Ranjana's iPhone!

After dinner we decided to check out the bar area, where the aforementioned Monsieur Moustachioed and a nice bartender lady chatted us up and insisted on paying for our wine.

Moral of the story: we are totally sold on wink. I know I didn't go into detail on the other courses besides the scallop but trust me that they were incredible, and that the price tag is totally worth what you get! What are you waiting for? Go! Make a reservation!

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