Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More walls for Wednesday!

I know I claimed I might leave Wally Wallpaper for Stanley McStencil, but I can't help it: I have to post on some wallpapers that have me all hot and bothered.

Studio Printworks has the Sgt. Pepper Paisley, out of which I would also like a bikini, please and thank you. My favorites are the poppy pink and the funky blue:

Yay links!

One of our bathrooms growing up was wallpapered in a burgundy paisley, so I blame that room for my lifelong obsession.

They also offer the Pauline. I'd take miss Pauline out for a martini any day. Especially loving this sage:

Although it's emo counterpart is super striking, which certainly makes it more wonderful in my eyes:

Glory here

Katie Ridder really branches out with her wall dressings to create small, repeating works of art. A key example is her Pagoda design, which is just flat-out awesome.

And...wait for it...



I will admit that the birds kind of have crazy eyes, but I don't even care. Plus it'll be like my metal crane, Professor Montague, has a whole family portrait on the walls.

Here's the Professor, for reference. Sorry for the poor quality pic; it's all I have at the moment.

The Professor now wears a jaunty hot pink and orange Echo scarf. I think he would approve of the crane paper, although it would definitely be bird overload if they were all in the same room.

Which is your favorite? Are you a paint person or a printed wall person like meself?

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