Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dresses to dine in!

So, to go back to the post about Wink from Tuesday, I think we should address something that comes up in my life almost every time I go out to what promises to be a big dinner: what to wear? You want to look smokin', but almost all of your sexy dresses are fitted, and you anticipate leaving dinner with a nice paunch that you'd rather not display to the whole world.

And so I've gone far and wide in search of lovely going out to dinner dresses! Let's jump right in, shall we?

I adore this muted grape frock from Banana Republic:


Surprise lace back!

I saw it in the store the other day and the material is really nice, too. Lightweight but still dressy. Alas, they did not have my size, so I can't report how it looks on, but you can have it tied nice and fitted at your waist pre-dinner and then loosen the belt very sneaky-like in the restroom before dessert.

Another flowy number is this super affordable v-neck from H&M:

in the ever practical but maybe slightly witchy black...

and a purty pale watermelon!

It's certainly not for hippy women like myself, but if you are narrow from the waist down I think the shape would drape really nicely and create some curves. Plus the lower than empire but higher than natural waist seam ensures a camouflaged belly.

A dressier option for a wedding or a night out in a fancier city than the lovely Austin is this navy number by Laundry, available at Nordstrom.

It's a little old for the 20's age group, but would be great on a slightly older ladyfriend. I'm not usually a fan of beading on clothing, but with simple jewelry and plain shoes I think this dress would work beautifully for a special event. Plus I'm really into navy lately; it's so classy!

This tie waist jersey dress by Velvet (at shopbop) is all sortsa practical:

Blousy but still chic, and Velvet clothing lasts through tons of washings (I have a couple of shirts from them from 2009 that are still in great condition). The dress could veer into dowdy really quickly if it's too long, though, so make sure you keep the hem nice and short (I mean, not too short, of course, unless you want to get really intimate with your dining chair) and pair it with 4-5" stilettos.

And on the uber-casual end of the spectrum is this funky little sailboat dress from Forever 21.

You can see the print better on the website. Super cute!

The print is on-trend and the style is a classic silhouette, making it practical for all kinds of different events, including, obviously, casual dinners out. I mean it has an empire waist AND a stretchy waistband! Pair it with flip-flops for Trudy's or nude platform pumps and lightweight cardigan for dinner at the Domain.

So there you have it! Empire waists and blouson styles make for dinner-friendly frocks if you enjoy food as much as this bird right here. I guess you could always go crazy and just eat a normal serving or wear Spanx, but who wants that? Ridiculous to even think about!

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