Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zee rooms for zee dressings!

After posting yesterday I got sucked into a whirling vortex of gorgeous dressing rooms. It was enough to make me open my closet door, seriously contemplate cleaning out my closet, and stare at the overflowing laundry basket with disdain.

Then I shamefully closed the closet door and roasted some asparagus instead. Veggies are important, you guys! So think of yesterday as your amuse bouche and today as your main course, and let's feast on some delightful dressing rooms (and procrastinate cleaning out our own closets together!). 

First up, a warm, rich medley of taupe:

Designed by Roderick Shade

None of your outfits would clash with the decor, and if you decided to nap on the fluffy rug instead of going out no one would blame you.

Still super classy but upping the ante is Tyra Banks's dressing room, designed by Ron Norsworthy:

It's sophisticated but playful; the couch takes on the look of a daybed with the continuation of the white wall above and the curtains around it, and the pops of orangey red and yellow emphasize the brightness of the space. 

Here's another angle for more oohing over. On the count of 3...


Shifting further into color, I bring you Carrie Fisher's dressing room, redone by John Gidding and introduced to me by Elle Decor

Ghost chairs!

Lime and pink!

I wouldn't want to live in it every day, but this was just her work dressing room, which I could for sure deal with. I love how the area with the mirror is funky and sleek, using silver and clear so as not to overpower the rest of the bright area. And of course it's way easier to see your makeup accurately without a lime green wall directly behind you.

And to end on another bright note, munch on this Tiffanyish blue room for dessert.

via Style at Home

I could take or leave the chair, dresser, and form, but I adore the walls and the subtle carpet.

What say ye, readers? Tasty, no?


  1. Umm...do those ghost chairs have ghost baby heads on the back?

  2. Not that there's anything wrong with that. If you enjoy being haunted by ghost baby heads.

  3. for the record, i am not a proponent of ghost baby heads.
    just normal baby heads.
    attached to babies.