Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wild Wednesday!

Let's admit it: yesterday's post was a good one. And I'm still hung up on exotic decor, so I've been seeking out smaller elements that could be easily implemented into any room to bring the Moroccan in.

First up, a glamorous shiny pouf!

At the appropriately named Casbah Decor

The silver will match anything, and it can triple-duty as an ottoman, side table, and piece of functional art.

The deep brown and white version is equally delightful:

Also at Casbah Decor

I mean not equally delightful, as it isn't shiny, but it's certainly a close second!

On an even smaller scale is a quick and easy touch that adds bright pops of color: lanterns.

On Amazon

And a green one!

Also on Amazon

I'd get about five of them and hang them staggered over a table or in a corner; preferably near a window that gets sunlight to imitate how they are meant to look with tea lights in them.

They'd also be beautiful used as table centerpieces, methinks.

Anthropologie's blue Alhambra quilt would echo the theme nicely:

And obviously you'd need this papier mache gazelle as the final touch.

You know you want it! I ordered the rhino.

Now who's up for a safari?? Or at least emulating one in a similarly bedecked apartment?


  1. what are you gonna do with a Rino on your wall? hahahaha. PS: my uncle used to live in Morocco, and he totally got us a poof for Christmas one year. It was brown leather. and... not gonna lie... smelled like Morocco. But if he goes back, I'll put in a request for a sparkly and/or shiny one that doesn't smell bad.

  2. I have a friend who decorated her baby nursery (twinsssss) with the animal heads from Anthro. So. Damn. Cute.

    Also, I scored a $300 poof from Neiman Marcus Last Call for $15 a few months ago. $15. It's my best deal to date. I can die happy.