Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When you sit on a couch all day...

you start thinking a few things. Some of these include:

1) I like couches. I think I need a new couch!
2) Wow, I didn't know it was possible to sit on a couch all day and like it. Also, my bum is numb.
3) How the heck am I hungry for dinner when all I've done is sit on this couch all day? Geez, my bum sure is numb.
4) Maybe if I think about frozen yogurt REALLY hard my boyfriend will hear my brain vibes from across town and make it happen.*

Anyhow, I honestly do need a new couch. I love my light blue quasi-suede couch, but I've had it since 2006 and it's showing major wear. Here are some sumptuous sofas I've been ogling, starting with my top choice:

The Sofia, from Ballard Designs

I think the older styling of it would go really well with my other furnishings. I have a majorly eclectic mix of funky, modern, and antique, so this seems like a natural fit.

As much as I like tufted, I was drawn toward the Sablon, also from BD:

Imagine it with colorful silk throw pillows.

But it just doesn't look cozy, right? Plus it's basically the same look I currently have, and I get all giddy thinking how drastically my living room can change if I go way different (hence my loving the first option). The Sablon is more of a den option, methinks.

The Kensington from Restoration Hardware, on the other hand, is tufted and formal and looks comfy. 

Yes, that is delicious grey velvet. 

Obviously, since it's my favorite, it's also way over budget. But it'll just sit nice and cozy on my lust list and I'll revisit it later. I had to share, though.

For now, I have a distinct feeling that comfort is going to trump all, and I'll end up finding a sofa akin to this guy, from the ever-reliant Pottery Barn:

I know it's kind of boring and safe and lame and yadda yadda, but it looks really cozy. Also, it's probably the only couch on this list than wouldn't complain about my squishy migraine-y buttocks hanging out with it for 8 hours, and in the end isn't that all one can hope for in a couch?  

Or maybe I'll just buy this one and call it a day.

Really, Overstock? That's terribly wonderful. By which I just mean wonderful.

Picturing the look on Joseph's face if he came home to that just made me snort-laugh my green tea onto my laptop.

*brain waves unsuccessful. in the future must employ cell phone.

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  1. That green couch is delightful! Since I need new...everything a big comfy couch is on the top of my list.