Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"But Natalie," you're surely asking yourselves, "how am I supposed to carry all these wonderful new sun-themed items??"

Aha! I have thought of this for you, my loves! With a lovely beach tote (or pool tote, or picnic tote, or insert other summery activity here tote), of course!

I always avoid spending the money on a tote especially for summer, and then summer rolls around and I'm stuck using one of the green reusable H-E-B bags and feeling like an unfashionable goober. So I have vowed to buy a new bag and leave the H-E-B one to its original purpose: sitting in my trunk and being forgotten every time I go grocery shopping (oops).

Without further ado- bags!

We'll start with a Marc by Marc Jacobs. I mean, who doesn't like stripes?

Available at Saks

It also comes in yellow and navy, for the non-red fans among us. It's technically sold as a shopping bag, but I think it's the perfect beach tote: the nylon is easy to clean if you spill some sangria on it, and the nautical stripes will pair with just about any swimsuit print.

A pricier but more versatile option is this twig-tastic tote from Diane von Furstenberg:

I love love love the print and the delicious teal. You probably wouldn't want to take this guy to, say, the Corpus beach (no offense, but I grew up there and know the beaches can get a leetle dirty), but it's a great go-to for the pool or an exotic beach trip. Plus since it's a little nicer you don't have to transfer your stuff when you go out to dinner later. Think of the time savings! That's at least another minute and a half right there.

Other lovely colors/prints:

Available at my go-to site, Piperlime, is this beauty from Roberta Roller Rabbit:

Plus it has a pink interior, and it makes me so happy when a designer goes the tiny extra step to put in a special lining. There you are, chilling on the beach, when all of a sudden you realize you need some sunscreen. You open the bag and BAM- LINING SURPRISE! It makes reapplying so much more fun.

Don't you just love summer??

A special thanks to Ranjana for the bag post idea :)

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