Friday, July 29, 2011

Page-ing all book nerds!

So I was planning on posting about sparkly goodness, but I couldn't resist posting on these fabulous book-inspired pieces I've been drooling over!

After buying the rhino head from Anthro,


You guys. I am SO excited to get this in and hang it up. Joseph loves it, too! Yay.

I started searching out other items that used book pages as their main elements. Obviously I went straight to Etsy, and I was not disappointed.

This Artichoke Pendant is wonderful:

From seller Zipper8Lighting

Maybe I love it so much because I love artichokes (by which I mean that I love anything I can dip into lemon butter). Or maybe it's because it looks so much like paillettes (please to refer to the following Valentino):

Not for sale anymore. Sorry my loves.

Aha, accidental shiny! Yay!

Also, you know I love me some chandeliers, and a pendant is basically a pre-pubescent chandelier, so there's that, too.

I've seen these wreaths at small boutiques, and for some crazy reason still don't own one:

Etsy by MySparrowsNest

That one is made of antique hymnal pages, which is super-cool, in my personal opinion.

I also love the "poof" version of the page wreath:

Etsy by themillersground

So fun! And great for us English major geeks.

Aaaaand I'm now obsessed with these prints by Collage-O-Rama. There are a ton of them, but a few favorites include:

The Guv'nor:


The WellDressed Deer:


Victorian Doctor Stork:


And the phenomenal-est to me, Eye Heart Ewe:


Eye Heart Ewe holds a special place in my heart, and I will tell you why. The bathroom that my sister and I shared growing up had two sinks with a big mirror over them, and Ann Marie and I would sometimes write notes to each other in dry erase marker. One time I drew her a mural that looked like this:

Do you know what is not a ewe? An emu. So that says "I heart emu". And it's not like I don't heart emus, because they are birds and therefore I do heart them, but I was trying to make a sisterly declaration of love and failed. But also won, because we got a huge kick out of it. And now I always remember which is a ewe and which is an emu.

Happy weekend, all! I heart ewe!




  2. i saw the poster texts the other day! love them.