Friday, July 15, 2011


The girls in our group that are going to see Ghostland tomorrow decided it would be sweet to wear neon to the concert. At first I balked (namely because my closet is replete with black), but then I did some soul searching (read: internet searching) and decided maybe I do love neon! Not in a sorority girl/cheap wayfarers kind of way, because oh my god why does that happen?? But done correctly turns out neon can full-on rock.

Blake Lively certainly thinks so!

or at least she did in 2009...

Admittedly that girl could wear jorts and still look spectacular, but this highlighter pink is stellar on her. Blinding but in a way that makes you not want to look away, although I'll be the first to admit that it could be her face/body/hair that keeps you ogling.

Also, I take the jorts thing back. Please don't ever wear jorts, Blake Lively.

I do, however, encourage Blake (and others) to wear this snazzy orange bikini:

Yay for ShopBop!

It's hard in Austin to be an orange clothing fan, because no matter what you end up looking like your body is shouting "I LOVE U.T.!!!!!!" Which is fine and all, but I'm a Rice nerd. While I certainly don't not love U.T., I just have a hard time wearing their iconic hue.

This next dress isn't exactly neon, but yellow to me is still in that spectrum, so voila!

It may not be super neon, but it is super cute. A variation on what is (in my mind) the really overplayed one-shouldered look. I think I'd especially love it with navy patent heels.

Speaking of heels, our good friend Brian Atwood brings us the Rene sandal over which to drool and lust.

Begin thinking sinful thoughts about shoes now:

Amirite or amirite?? I'm totally right.

It's like candy! Not even eye candy, real candy.

Please to meet its cousin Felini:

I plan on inviting myself to their next family reunion. I'll be that random person at the reunion that you aren't sure if you are related to, so you end up cornering them near the ice chest after your fourth machine-margarita and talking about Crazy Uncle Lime Shoe who you heard was cheating on his wife with some skank-face named Madame Chartreuse. Then I'll reveal that I am, in fact, Madame Chartreuse, come to take out Aunt Lamey McLilac behind the potato salad bar. And you'll give me free expensive pumps to shut me up and make me leave.

Wow. Thank the lord it's Friday and I have a half-day at work.

After that ridulousness, it's time for a drink, don't you agree?

from Drinks Mixer

I scaled it to 2 servings, because...well..duh.

Have an absolutely fantastic weekend, beautiful readers of mine! Remember, ain't no party in the sad, sad, city, so keep the world joyful!

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