Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mo-rockin' out on a Tuesday!

And we're back to design love! As much as I adore and appreciate the interwebz, I still get so excited when I get a catalog in the mail. West Elm to me can be very hit or miss (and I have quite a few of what I like to think are hits in mine and Joseph's apartment), and their recent catalog had a LOT of hits. They are hawking some limited edition Indian-inspired wares, which got my exotic bug all a-flutter.

Prime example of the collection: this gorgeous hand-carved-in-Jaipur coffee table for which I yearn:

At WestElm.com

If only I had literally anywhere to put in our apartment! Isn't it beautiful?

So then my brain travelled west from India and over to Morocco, and I went on a scavenger hunt for exotically-themed rooms. Look what I found for us to ogle!

This nook of a powder room was designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard and showcased on Architectural Digest.

The gold tones throughout it are lovely with the blue of the wallpaper stripes and the Moroccan covering on the stool. Plus who doesn't love a sturdy, marble-topped vanity?

Communists, that's who.

This dining room, designed by Gene Meyer and Frank De Biasi, is a funky rainbow of tropical and Morrocan.

On House Beautiful

Which is fitting, since it's in Miami and all. The pagoda-y valance and scalloped moulding are a fresh take on an old-world style, and the traditional dining chairs keep the room grounded.

In the words of Jay-Z, on to the next one! Designed by Antonello Radi is this gloriously European-eclectic living room.

From the ever-inspiring Elle Decor

I can't even imagine living in a place like that. I picture it as an endless paradise of Tempranillo, early 20th century literature, and nearly-sheer sundresses. Which means I'm moving there immediately.

And because it's what I do, I've saved my favorite for last!

I don't actually know where this image is from, I just stumbled upon it on Google and had to use it. Sorry :(

As far as which I'd rather live in, the one before this is my favorite, but this one trumps it for just looking at value.

It's definitely an only-for-show room, but the deeper than pastel colors and exotic accents are hands-down beautiful. Who thinks to pair light raspberry tufted wingbacks with Moroccan tables? Seriously, though, if you know who thinks to do that and designed this room, please ping me and let me know.

Ya salam! Baraka allahu feek!


  1. Nat, this has been one of my favorites yet! Seriously, that vanity area? That living room? Hmm... maybe b/c you mentioned tempranillo? Or maybe because I secretly yearn to travel the world? Thank you for always brightening my day with lovely.

  2. i absolutely adore these pics (esp the powder room and the last one). Good job on a great blog girl!