Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glitter + Drama

Listen up. I have some heartbreaking news.

I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, and will not be able to post. I'm sorry! But I'll try to make Monday's post extra-awesome to make up for it. For right now, though, SPARKLES!

My friend Katelynn (shes's phenomenal; read her blog! Tease Me Beauty) introduced me to Katy Perry's line of nail polish for OPI, and I am now obsessed with the "Teenage Dream" polish.

Amazon haz it.

You have to put on about 4 coats to get that look, but it's so worth it. Nail polish remover basically doesn't do anything to get it off of your nails, so you end up peeling it off, but again: worth it. I paint my nails and then love watching myself type at work, which I'm sure doesn't sound weird at all.

Imagine it paired with this glorious Nicole Miller:

Can you say "wow factor"? I think you can. Although if you can't...I mean...that's cool,

The end! Have a sparkly weekend, ok? I'll do the same in Virginia, and see you glitter babes Monday.

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