Friday, July 1, 2011


Blog besties,

I have to tell you something.

Bottle Rocket is mine and my sister's favorite movie. See ridiculous trailer here:

Honestly the movie is so much better than the trailer makes it seem. Please to enjoy this awesome scene from it here:

My sister (Ann Marie) and I have seen this movie approximately 847 times, and our rapport is eerily similar to that between Owen and Luke Wilson in the film (although she and I encompass a lot more Owen than Luke most of the time). It's the kind of movie that you think Wes Anderson wrote just for you; it's geeky and hilarious and universal despite the ridiculous shananagans that take place.

Picture of my sister and I from a few years ago:

So when I found out that this was happening:

I FREAKED. I was going to buy tickets and reserve a room at the motel for me and Joseph (Ann Marie's a fancy doctor at Duke, so she's a leetle far to come down for it, and Joseph also loves the film), because it's the day before Joseph's birthday, but I've already bought his present, so I resigned myself to the fact that we weren't going. I'm so excited I'm USING RUN-ON SENTENCES.

Then this morning I texted Joseph.

me: are you interested in me finding out how much the motel rooms are?
joseph: don't you mean *my instead of *me?
me: touche, boyfriend.
(I'm always the annoying grammar nazi)
then he stops texting me
three minutes go by
joseph: tickets bought, room reserved.


Don't believe me that it's one of the most clever, entertaining, amazing movies out there? Buy it, watch it, and report back. I'll wait to say I told you so.

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