Monday, July 18, 2011

Sassy Sun Shieldage

This weekend was full of amazing. I am constantly overwhelmed by how many incredibly wonderful friends I somehow lucked into knowing and tricked into liking me, and being in a lake house with a number of them for two days solidified the love.

A sampling of us before the concert.

That being said, it was hot outside. Saturday was actually a bit overcast which was welcome since we were in/on the lake for a big part of the day, but I was oh-so-thankful for my giant sun hat, as were my lake compatriots that were similarly be-hatted. I bought this silly Kate Spade a couple of months ago as a promotion present to myself, and it's been an integral part of my summer:

It's not on her website anymore, so I don't have a link to it :( But every time I wear it I feel just a little bit more whimsical, and it's nice and lightweight so it blocks the sun without adding heat.

KS also came out with this hat (now on sale!), which has almost the same whimsy factor and a whole lotta character:

Doesn't it just make you smile?

On the other end of the color spectrum is the black straw hat. I'm sure it would be a little bit hotter than the natural-hued ones, but this wide-brim number is just endlessly chic!

at Amazon

It's so old-school movie star (but at a normal-people price point)! I want to buy it, put on red lipstick, wear it everywhere, and be known as the Mysterious Lady in the Big Black Hat. I suppose I'd have to remove it when I take author calls, but otherwise I'd be set.

My friend Jaime had a straw hat with a sash this weekend, similar to this one from Asos.

In fact I think it may have been that exact hat. Dashing!

The fact that I was outside as much as I was this weekend and am miraculously not sunburned proves that the big floppy sun hat is a must-have. Especially for fellow vampire-skinned humans such as little ole meself.

So go! Embrace the floppy! Bonus points if you add Jackie O sunglasses.

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  1. I almost bought the hello sunshine hat! But then I went with the one with hot pink. Also, hi! I read your blog!