Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ain't no trip to Cleveland...

I know you've all been just dying to hear about mine and Joseph's Bottle Rocket weekend extravaganza, so I will tell you- it was AMAZING. Hands down phenomenal, every thing I wanted it to be, yadda yadda yadda.

I'll give you the very short and non-eloquent version (complete with photos courtesy of Jen Flores).

Our good friends from high school (who are now married) drove up from San Antonio to collect us, and we were basically the first people at the motel. There was epic squee-ing upon seeing the Day's Inn! I'd also never stayed in a motel before, so I was very excited about this. (well the squeeing was technically after we stopped at Wal-Mart and got me some Claritin. I may be allergic to Hillsborough, Texas, you guys. This will probably in no way affect my future, however, as Hillsborough has about as much in the way of tourist attractions as my right foot. Um, minus the fat toes. ANYHOW)


That's class is what that is.

Joseph and I made out, ahem, posed in the pool where Anthony and Inez first kiss:

You can't see it, but that's my favorite J.Crew bikini. You'd like it.

John and Jen then went all out and dressed up like Anthony and Inez:

Later they got to be interviewed for a documentary about the event, too!

Then Joseph and I gazed into a field:

Whilst gazing, the Alamo Roadshow guys were setting up the huge inflatable screen about 20 feet from us. We offered to help but must not have sounded that convincing, so instead we drank Guinness and grilled steaks and corn. Nom.

And then Bob Maplethorpe showed up! In case you need memory refreshing, clip of him here.

I got his autograph for my friend and my seester. He told me a story but I couldn't really concentrate on it, given that the whole time I was thinking, "oh my god your voice sounds the exact same as it did in the movie! PLEASE SAY SOMETHING ICONIC FROM THE MOVIE."

Before the movie I also won a Criterion Collection edition for standing at a microphone and saying a line from the film. Sweet. 

After the movie the motel exploded into major party mode. An EXTREMELY large dude dressed up as Bob from the movie decided I was Inez, so every time he saw me throughout the night he'd yell "INEZ!" and give me beer. I was not upset by these events. We also met and hung out with (for like 3.5 minutes) the owner of the Alamo Drafthouse, who is pretty much a very nice dude-bro named Tim in quasi-hipster gear.

The next day before leaving we had a confused mother of three at the gas station across from the motel take an iconic Wes Anderson photo of us:

It's a medley of a few different scenes/movies.

Then we drove home, and I found out that John's uncle-type person is an author we work with that writes erotic thrillers. 

So, all in all: success! Full success!