Monday, June 20, 2011

Yet again, Monday is underfoot...

But luckily, so are pretty area rugs!

So. I have an unhealthy habit of perusing Etsy for hours on end. It's similar to Wikipedia: you look up one thing and then get sucked into this vortex of clicking on related links until you realize three hours have gone by and how did you end up at "Jungian" from "Toucan"? With Etsy the other day I ended up at "Rugs" from "Corsets". For serious.

But look what I found! These rugs are so smashing! I present to you my newest cool find: en route studio!

First up, the garden rug:

So funky! So delightful! And the light grey background makes it versatile, too! And you know how I am with funky versatility.

Next up, the candy-colored Flowerburst. It's like Orangina took mushrooms and painted a self-portrait:

Look at the magic it makes in a streamlined room:


I love the idea of having artwork on the floor instead of the walls. The sweet white couch and fireplace don't hurt, either.

And now my personal favorite from them.

Introducing the Bloom. It's probably the minx that sold Orangina the drugs. I've looked at this rug at least 12 times this weekend trying to justify buying it, even though I know I won't actually buy a living room rug until Joseph and I move into a new place in October.

Teal! Yellow! Pink! Art! Pixels! Yay!

And in a room:

I can't even deal. It has my (current) favorite decorating colors and is so different than all the other lame-o rugs that permeate that world (dear sisal, when did you corner the market?).

I'm refraining for now, but if I can at all make that rug practical in a few months it will be mine. Then you all can come hang out and warm your toes in its wooly wonderfulness. Because a big pop of neon is definitely your friend.

So happy Monday! Let's go frolic in a field of flowers and pretend it's our living room, yes?

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  1. The Flowerburst rug is stunning! I'm. Stunned.