Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rose-colored everything!

Hump day is finally upon us! (giggle)

Do you know what always makes me happy on a Wednesday? Knowing that Friday is soon enough to think about but far enough away that I still have time to finish my week's work. But also, everything PINK (not the singer, duh) (oh wait. she did have that one song about starting fights and being a rock star that was stupidly catchy. ANYHOW).

Let's begin this whimsical Wednesday with a quasi-wingback and some to-die-for drawers from Maisons du Monde.

Using vibrant watermelon on antique frames is such an innovative way to do modern that won't look dated in ten years. It also keeps the pink from looking like it belongs in a little girl's room, and takes it into living/dining room territory.

Speaking of dining room territory, Betsey Johnson's dining room is so fabulous! Not that I'd expect any less from her, but I think it's pleasantly minimalistic (for her, not like..for real people) and still supa funky fresh.

I'd eat an amuse-bouche there for sure!

Right? The pink is definitely pink but just shy of Pepto, and it's so beautiful against the black of the convex mirror and table.

Not that I'd say to no to this non-minimalistic dress by her:

Definitely more "sophomore in high school" than "Natalie", but delicious nonetheless!

Personally, though, I do prefer the brighter, more raspberry pinks, and thus this bathroom is my ideal:

I'm such a sucker for mirrored furniture, so when you combine a mirrored chest of drawers with the prettiest tufted pink walls I'm bound to fall in major lust. It's like Barbie and Tinkerbell went to happy hour and drunkenly formed a decorating business. Oh god, can we make that actually happen? If I suggest a hot pink bathroom I foresee Joseph (the bf) scoffing, but I think if Tink or Barbs brought it up he'd be much more inclined to support the idea.

Luckily, Jonathan Adler was thinking of the likes of me when he designed a real-life house for Barbie in Malibu. Get ready, you guys, because this post is about to get REAL.

BAM. Barbie bedroom.

BAM. Barbie poolside.

BAM. Barbie vanity. and more mirrored furniture!


That's all I have for you today, because my brain just exploded. Ooooh! Brain = PINK!

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