Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear world,
In celebration of Gay Pride Month (or, as it is probably now known, LGBTQIA Pride Month), today's post is a hopefully uplifting one to shoo away your Monday doldrums. Don't fret, readers, this isn't about politics. It's guessed it: 

The joy of the ROYGBIV is one that is ever-pervasive in my life. To get you all started off this soon-to-be-lovely day, let's take an internet road trip back to the days of yore (2010):

And now, let's feast on some beautiful things, as that's the current theme of this blog, and hopefully what you've come to expect.

I promise Brian Atwood doesn't pay me to endorse him (although Brian, if you're reading...), I just happen to love his shoes. These insane beauties make me blush like a schoolgirl.

Can't. Even. Speak. These "Mania Strass" pumps from a couple of years ago are le epic. Lindsay Lohan and her sweet-arse Herve Leger are like whoa. I gotta get me some of those.

But she makes me mildly nauseated in a bad way, so let's turn to something that makes me mildly nauseated in the best way: CAKE!

Look at that! I have neither the patience nor the know-how to create such a funky masterpiece, but I did make a pizza with spinach, peaches, and blue cheese the other day! I don't have a picture for you because my phone is from 1988, but suffice it to say it was colorful and delicious. I got to know it intimately, but I cannot say with certainty whether it was gay OR proud. Let's assume it was.

Speaking of pies, check out this helpful and informative pie chart! It's a rainbow!


And speaking of things that live in closets, and also for a Friday flashback, let's examine a one piece I had such a hard time not posting then!

I already feel a weight lifted from my shoulders now that I've shared this with you. Oh, Anthropologie, you dirty, dirty, swim tease. 

(Call me.) careful with horizontal stripes, loving readers. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Thus ends the rainbow post! There is no pot of gold, but there is the promise of continued blogitude.

This week is all about color here at ladychirpsalot, so stay tuned for more pleasingly polychromatic posts, and stay proud, no matter what your preference in pairing may be!

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