Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post scriptum to yesterday...

I've been drooling over the Hamptons house I posted about yesterday (the beachy living room with the green couches), and I think it's only fair that I share the rest of the house with you. All images from Elle Decor

As an intro, the owner of the house (Veronica Beard) specifically told her designers (Chiqui and Nena Woolworth, her aunt and cousin) that she wanted a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, unlike the overly formal house she grew up in. Beard wanted them to channel Lilly Pulitzer, which they were able to do without going aqua-and-pink crazy.

another view of the living room. Those chairs!

Off the living room is the deck, which is a total cocktail party waiting to happen.

That view, those mixed-print throw pillows, and that R.E. Steele table are such lovely eye candy!

Keeping with the eye candy theme is the hipper than hip library. Definitely my favorite room in this abode.

I assume there are bookshelves on another wall?

Oh hello there, room. Come here often?

Mixed patterns + warm vibrant colors + corner sofa = Yes! Mixing patterns can be scary, but this room is a perfect example of the glory that ensues when it's done right. I wouldn't want to leave that room ever, although the dining room does make a compelling case for doing so.


I love how it echoes the deck so well with the textiles and the frames of the chairs. I can see the table base looking too heavy in another room, but here it and the dark laquer floors create a nice striking contrast to the ethereal twiggy chandelier and peach walls. 

Lastly, the master bedroom! Complete with beautiful home owner Veronica:

I absolutely love the reversal of the pattern on the walls/headboard! I wouldn't have chosen those bed linens, but unfortunately they didn't ask for my opinion. Ah well, their loss.

What about you? Would you take this house out for drinks, too? I bet it could put down a mean mojito or two (and by it, I also mean me).

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